Pictures of bed bugs on mattress

When you can’t see bed bugs around, but also have some signs on your mattress, it’s time to search for bed bugs around. So, what are the signs of bed bugs on a mattress? You can find a lot of photos of bed bugs on mattress in this post and compare it with yours.

Signs of bed bugs

It’s easy to recognize a bed bug when you see it. With their oval-shaped body, two antennas and 6 legs, they can easily be seen by naked eyes.

They are 1 to 5 mm sized in an average from egg to adult stage and if you see one, then you are sure about a bed bug infestation.

What if you have some signs on your mattress and can’t be sure about what they are? Let’s make it clear for you with some pictures.

Photos of bed bugs on mattress

There are two possibilities in here: You see a bed bug on your mattress or you see some signs like blood on it.

Here are photos of bed bug signs and itself on a mattress which are taken by real people who have a bed bug problem:

bed bug picture mattressbed bug on mattressbed bug stain on mattressbed bug photo on a bedbed bug blood on mattressbed bugs under a mattressa bed bug on the mattress in bedroombed bug blood signs on mattress


It’s not easy to have a certain opinion if you have bed bugs unless you see them. But while walking around, bed bugs will leave some signs.

Blood and eggs will be their main signs. Small blood stains on your bed or eggs around must be a warning for you.

But in most cases, even if you have common symptoms and signs around, you can’t still be sure about it. This is because all other bugs at home will have similar signs.

To make sure about bed bugs, what you have to do is to make a detailed search for them:


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