How to kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are our enemies when they decide to settle in our homes. Because where they settle in is also their natural feeding habitat. So how to kill bed bugs? Which methods will help you killing bed bugs?

Bed bugs

It’s not hard to recognize bed bugs when they are around you. They are small bugs with oval-shaped bodies from 1 mm to 5 mm sized and they have no wings.

Here you can find some real pics of bed bugs:

how to kill bed bugs at home

What works to kill bed bugs?

I know there are several answers to this question and most depends on subjective opinions. Because all those people who fought against bed bugs have their own experiences and this will prevent to have a certain answer.

But in most cases, those are the main ways to kill bed bugs:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Baking soda
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dry cleaning
  • Borax
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Crossfire
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Essential oils
  • Ironing
  • Vacuum cleaner

Now let’s take a look at these ways one by one.

does heat kill bed bugs

Does heat kill bed bugs?

Heat is the most common enemy of bed bugs. Because bed bugs can’t survive after a certain temperature.

When it’s higher than 113°F in their environment, they will die soon. So, heat is an option to kill bed bugs.

Best way to use heat against bed bugs is heat treatment with a heater. In this treatment, a professional pest controller come into your house and increases the heat in the house with a powerful heater manually.

By this way, the pest professional guy aims to reach the ideal hot temperature on which bed bugs won’t survive. When it’s done professionally and repeated for a few times, any bed bugs at home will be able to keep their asses from this.

But this treatment way is really the most expensive one in USA. We, earlier posted an article about the cost of professional bud bug extermination is US:

will cold kill bed bugs

Cold and bed bugs

As bed bugs can’t survive over a certain temperature so, they won’t be able to make it under a certain temperature too.

Ideal environmental temperature for bed bugs is degrees between 45°F and 100°F. But they can still keep living under those degrees.

The temperature that will kill them is under 0°F. You can get such a cold temperature at home only in your freezer.

If you put your staff on which you believe that there are bed bugs into a freezer, yes you can kill bed bugs. But this won’t be an effective way to fight against bed bugs, while they spread out in your home.

Here is a post about cold and bed bugs:

baking soda and bed bugs

Will baking soda kill bed bugs?

Baking soda is used in our kitchens during daily life or industries for mass production. A lot of people try to kill bed bugs with baking soda.

There are no scientific evidences that baking soda will affect bed bugs, but baking soda helps you by another way.

If you spread baking soda out in home and bed bugs contact with it, baking soda will stick on their body and this will raise their body temperature which will make bed bugs die because of dehydration:

help for bed bugs kill them

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Rubbing alcohol is a kind of mixture which has %70 of isopropyl inside. It’s a industry based product and undrinkable.

Some of rubbing alcohol has a %90 of isopropyl and it will be more useful against bed bugs. Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs if you can directly spray it on bed bugs.

The negative side of rubbing alcohol is that you need to find bed bugs first, and directly spray it on them. Otherwise, it won’t be very effective.

does dry cleaning kill bed bugs

Dry cleaning for bed bugs

Dry cleaning is another way to kill bed bugs. But you have to support this process with some chemicals. Because during a dry cleaning, average temperature will be around 86°F which is not enough to kill bed bugs.

When you get this way as an option, you must ask your dry cleaning shop if they use any chemicals during the process or they don’t. If they have chemicals for dry cleaning, then you can choose this way.

Will borax kill bed bugs?

Borax is a natural mineral which is also known as sodium borate. It’s a white dust and a boric acid. Borax is used in chemistry, steel industry, glass industry, household cleaners and other industries.

Borax will kill bed bugs as the same way baking soda or diatomaceous earth does: Dehydration. When you spread it out your house on their possible walking routes like bottom of walls, under mattress and inside the cracks, it will help you killing bed bugs.

will bleach kill bed bugs

Does bleach help you for bed bugs?

You can easily find a bleach, maybe you already have it at home. Because bleach is chemical product that is very commonly used at home for cleaning.

Just like rubbing alcohol, bleach must be directly sprayed over bed bugs. It will definitely kill bed bugs when contacts them, but for an exact solution, you will need to find all those bed bugs and spray them one by one.

will vinegar kill bed bugs

Can vinegar kill bed bugs?

Vinegar is indispensable to our kitchens and used for various purposes. Because it’s an acidic acid, it will kill bed bugs when directly used on them.

Vinegar can kill bed bugs, but you must find every single bed bug at home first, and then hit the mark successfully.

However, it’s totally natural and can kill bed bugs, it shouldn’t be the first option when it’s about killing bed bugs. Here’s why:

Using crossfire to kill bed bugs

Crossfire is a kind of chemical used against bed bugs and produced by a company with a special formula.

It’s a combine of metofluthrin and clothianidin which will both affect bed bugs. Metofluthrin is a fast-acting contact killer and clothianidin is synthetic insecticide that kills bed bugs too.

We posted an article about how to use crossfire against bed bugs and how effective it is:

As you see on that article, maybe crossfire is the best way against bed bugs as been told in many reviews on web.

Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

Some ways that we suggest you maybe look like “weak” like borax or baking soda. Diatomaceous earth is one of them: Look like poor but really effective on its way.

You can find diatomaceous earth easily and use it at home. You must just be sure that you spread diatomaceous earth on all possible routes of bed bugs at home.

What you’re trying to do is to force them walking through the diatomaceous earth and contact with it.

When bed bugs contact with diatomaceous earth, they won’t be able to get rid of it easily and diatomaceous earth will raise their body temperature which will make them die because of dehydration.

will essential oils kill bed bugs

Do essential oils kill bed bugs?

The word “essential ail” inludes tens of oils inside. So, a wholesaler approach to essential oils will be wrong.

In this article, we researched the effect of 10 essential oils against bed bugs:

Maybe some of them help you against bed bugs, but honestly, essential oils are temporary solutions which will just help you keeping bed bugs away from you for a while, but not going to be a permanent remedy.

Does ironing kill bed bugs

Ironing to kill bed bugs

As I explained above, high temperature is the biggest enemy of bed bugs. Especially over  113°F bed bugs won’t survive.

Ironing will provide you this kind of high temperature easily and kill bed bugs. But the real problem with ironing is that you must have all those bed bugs on your dresses or mattress so, you can iron them one by one.

What about those ones which are still hiding out there in the cracks and holes? Yes, ironing isn’t the best way for bed bugs, it will work only when you are sure about the existence of bed bugs on your clothes and iron them directly.

does vacuum cleaner kill bed bugs?

Vacuum cleaner and bed bugs

A vacuum cleaner isn’t a bed bug killer by itself, but it’s only a great helper. You can’t kill bed bugs with a vacuum cleaner, because bed bugs can survive for days and weeks inside its tank.

Vacuum cleaner is only a great helper to get bed bugs from cracks and holes where they are hiding. After you get them by a vacuum cleaner, you should still kill them by anyway.

how to get rid of bed bugs


How to kill bed bugs? Such a question will have tens of answers. Every answer will depend on an individual experience so, there will never be a certain answer.

But in my opinion and due to my researches, there are 3 best ways to kill bed bugs:

  • Heat
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Crossfire

What about all those other ways I told above? They will all help you, because killing bed bugs is a process on which you need to use more than a few weapons.

For example; essential oils are great ways to keep bed bugs away from you because of their smell. Or vinegar can do the same thing too.

But heat, diatomaceous earth and crossfire are the main weapons in this war. They make their job in three areas:

  • Exact solution: Heat
  • Environmental precaution: Diatomaceous earth
  • Chemical weapon: Crossfire

A heat treatment will be the number one way to kill bed bugs. Because when it’s hot enough, bed bugs will die. They have no way to survive. But this way is expensive which will cost you from $500 to $5.000.

Crossfire is another great way to kill bed bugs, and it works in most cases. You can buy it from Amazon and it’s not an expensive solution at all.

Diatomaceous earth is the way of “patience”. When you decide to use diatomaceous earth against bed bugs, you will need time to get results. Because all bed bugs at home should contact it to die by hydration and this will take some time.

Always remember that the war against bed bugs isn’t easy, but it’s also a war that you can win! We, human beings, are smarter than bed bugs and there are so many experiences around that you can just find them by making a search on web.

Yes, you can kill bed bugs and you will!

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