How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food

  Bed bugs are the insects that feed on human blood, usually at night. Though bud bugs don’t cause infectious diseases, they impact health like they can cause skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological effects. It is difficult to eliminate bed bugs from home in a single go because they are known to survive without … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Bed Bugs Fly

Bed bugs and humans having a battle for ages… this is a nonending battle that took a break from 1940 to 1950. As the hygiene conditions and pest controlling managed to handle it. But for the last 10 years, bed bugs have overcome the game. Everybody encountering the bug bites and itching and irritation keep … Read more

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without a Host?

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without a Host?

From the family of  Cimicidae, the bed bugs fed on the blood. The animal and the human blood are difficult to find as these usually bite at night when you are actually sleeping. This is the reason that it is really difficult to find out if the bed bugs really exist at the place or … Read more

How To Check For Bed Bugs In A Hotel?

Bed Bugs In A Hotel

  Do you know that you are not alone? An unseen companion is with you in your hotel room. You will not meet this companion soon. It will appear when you fall asleep. It comes at night and disappears in the dark. You will never be able to see him. But your companion will leave … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed Bugs Bite

Small in size oval in shape and brownish in color. The bed bugs live to drink the blood of humans and animals. The bed bug may change its color to rad with a lower portion of brown if it took the blood recently.  Bed bugs are harmful because of multiple reasons. The sleep killer This … Read more

Do Bed Bug Smell?

Do Bed Bug Smell

Do you know that bed bug infestation can be detected by some bed bug smell?  Yes even in the very early stage there is a certain smell that is perceived as a mold smell or some smell resembling that of coriander. Actually, bed bugs have an efficient scent gland that is responsible for the production … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Kill You?

Bed Bugs Kill You

Bed bugs are a problem that is not faced by animals or humans only. Actually, humans and animals share a common trait and this common trait is the presence of blood. The bed bugs live in the blood of humans and animals. To take the food that is the blood the bed bugs try to … Read more

ProVaseline Bed Bugs

ProVaseline Bed Bugs

Many stories can grab your attention as you browse around the web. But some are only hopes while others are partially effective while remaining are considered to be true. If you are looking for a cure for Bed Bugs. Then reaching at the vaseline as a survivor is quite natural. This is such an annoying … Read more